After four years, we’re sad to share that we’ve decided to close down Trapdoor Coffee Roasters. This was a bittersweet decision for the whole team.

The last several months of 2019 were the most successful we’ve seen, but with that has come new challenges. We started the business out of our kitchen driven by our passion and interest in coffee. As we grew into a larger business, we scaled to a size that we could no longer can or had the desire to sustain.

Although we’re extremely saddened to close our (virtual) doors, we’ll forever treasure the neighbors, friends, and partners across the nation and in our community that we met over the years. We truly can’t thank you enough for the support we’ve received – none of this would have been possible without you.

If you have any questions, comments or memorable stories with our coffee, please reach out to us on Twitter or Instagram.

– Nick, Jayme, Dan & Michele